Metaverse Solutions


Backend changes are nearly finalized, and two new features (albeit simple) have been added to Sim2Sculpty.

  • The ability to refresh cached region textures without having to re-scan the sim (and without help).
  • And the option to delete a given region from the users' database (this has been needed for quite some time).

Password Reset has been fixed!

The previous password reset and asset transfer system was temporarily broken by an in-world change. The backend has been rebuilt from scratch and should be far more robust.


(Update) SiliconLife is a bit outdated now that LL has finally made improvements to the standard client release.

It's still available for download here (you'll need to download 1.18.5 for it to work) if you want to try it, or windlight won't work for you.

I'll eventually release a new revision that is windlight/glow compliant, so be on the look out for that.

It's still faster and designed for multiple cores, so go ahead and give it a shot if you'd like.

- Eric Marsh / Silicon Plunkett

Eye Candy - The Original Quantum Dash video

QD v1.2 will be out of beta testing soon. Original is still sexy though.