Metaverse Solutions is a limited liability company based in Arlington, Virginia.

We're dedicated to increasing the functionality and usability of Metaverse Systems, such as Second Life.


  • Stand-alone applications that interact with SL and/or aid in content developement.
  • User directed LSL based systems that add functionality to the environment.
  • Modular APIs and SDKs for product developers.
  • Inter-system communication protocols and SDKs.
  • And custom product developement.

* In addition to product/system developement, MVS offers consulting on most topics.


We offer four licensing tiers:

  1. Non-exclusive personal licensing.
  2. Non-exclusive developement licensing.
  3. Non-exclusive public domain licensing.
  4. Exclusive product licensing.

If you would like to hire MVS, you can request a quote for a given project through the Services page.

For questions or comments, please contact Eric Marsh, or send an instant message to Silicon Plunkett in Second Life.